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WordPress is synonymous with blogging. It is an undisputed fact that this is the best platform for any blogger irrespective of their expertise or goals; whether one is developing a blog to generate money, promote their website or just for the love of prose, they will have enough tools and plug-ins to achieve what they want. However, some outside factors like hosting and the use of substandard plug-ins could ruin it all for you since they affect your blog’s user friendliness. Hosting in particular determines how fast your pages load, how far you can go with regards to the size of your blog and more important, how safe you will be from malignant hackers and other of the like who might have ill intentions. Below is a heads up so that you won’t end up going for the wrong option; hopefully the information will open you up to the best hosting for WordPress.


Compatibility in this context points out to the capability of a web host supporting the software used to build your blog. WordPress in this case uses PHP as its Internet scripting language and MySQL for storing data. It therefore follows that you will need a host which supports the latest releases of both PHP and MySQl. It might seem obvious that all web hosts out there support these languages but be sure to ascertain otherwise you will be in for a nasty surprise when you realize that your script is incompatible. Note that in such a scenario, you would be obliged to switch hosts. If you are not aware, moving a website is a lengthy and stressing process which is prone to costly mistakes.


When most people settle down to starting a blog, they will want it to be up and running the soonest possible. It is okay to push things but few of them will stop to have a thorough look at the terms and conditions offered by a hosting company before signing up. Actually, majority of bloggers who are just starting out will go for the cheapest option without minding to have a second look at the technicalities.

If you blog right, you will begin receiving many visitors and will therefore need unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Some hosts have a limit on bandwidth and disk space but will allow you to expand without charging so much as your blog grows. However, others will either require you to purchase a more expensive plan or they will compromise the functionality of the blog. With regards to future growth, you also need to make sure that the provider you select will allow you to host multiple domains just in case the need will arise to start new blogs which complement the first one.


Web surfers shun away from websites which take so long to load or those which are often down. You might have great content but end up sending your readership away just because your hosting provider is unreliable. To be assured that you site will always be available, your provider should guarantee 99.9% uptime.


There are several reasons why you would need good support from your web host. First, you will need them to solve technical problems for you if any arises with a good example being when you need to host an extra domain on your server space. Secondly, most quality service providers offer secure monitoring for your blog so that it won’t be compromised. A good option would be that of a provider who offers support 24 hours in 7 days even during Christmas. You should however note that while most providers promise such convenience in reaching them, they won’t live up to what they highlight on the homepages of their websites.

Still dwelling on support, you will have to choose between popular hosting providers and smaller providers who might not be so popular but provide quality services. With a bigger provider, you are just one out of twelve million customers which implies that although your phone call will go through at last, it might take time before someone picks. Besides, your problems might not be addressed properly considered that the operator probably wants to get done with you as quick as possible and move on to the next client who has been waiting.

A smaller company on the other hand has few clients who are easily manageable. It follows that if they offer quality services, you won’t have to wait long before your call is picked. Secondly, a company with a manageable number of clients treasures them and would do anything in its scope to retain them. Although not always, you can be assured that whatever your problem is, someone will be willing to listen to you for as long as you express yourself and more important, ensure that your concerns are relayed to the technical department immediately so that you are not inconvenienced.

Before signing up for any hosting package, do some research and read testimonials to get a picture of how the provider handles support tickets. If it is possible to find a small company which offers the same kind of functionality the big players offer, it will most certainly score higher with support. However, there should be proof from unbiased customer reviews and testimonials.

What if you intend to move?

It’s not only bloggers who are achieving web presence for the first time need a heads up when shopping for hosting providers. If your current provider is letting you down in any of the above discussed aspects, you can always move your blog to one who is better. First, it is obvious that you will check to see if they are adept at offering the service based on the points which have been discussed above. Next, they need to reassure you that transferring of your domain will be hassle-free and that they will provide reliable support so that you do not end up making mistakes. Remember, you do not want your website going offline for long; a company which knows what it is doing will therefore advise you to have two copies of it running from your old host’s servers and another on their servers to avoid losing your followers.